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10 Questions to Ask Your Provider of Cloud Data Centres

There are several good reasons to move a company’s IT requirements to the cloud. The ability to delegate many of the technical facets of IT to the cloud data centre provider is at the top of the list since it allows a company to focus its resources on providing services to its own clients. However, there is a catch: picking the incorrect provider could lead to more issues than it resolves.

Before making their initial move to the cloud, every firm needs to consider a few key issues. To ensure that transitioning to a new cloud data centre provider will help their business, companies should ask the same questions. The top 10 queries that we believe need to be raised are listed below.

What apps and cloud services do you provide?

Different cloud data centre providers provide different services and applications. It should go without saying that your business does not want to partner with a provider who cannot fulfil its requirements. Do you need infrastructure, virtual servers, apps, or both in addition to data storage?

How open is the cloud environment you use?

Your cloud must be accessible from anyplace you have an internet connection and a device to get online because of how mobile our world is today. Using a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to access your surroundings through a web-based portal should be possible.

What are the costs of your plans?

It is not the intention of this question to overly emphasise the final cost. It is merely to highlight the fact that the most reliable cloud data centre providers avoid significant upfront costs or restrictive service bundles. Pay-as-you-go models are frequently used by reputable suppliers, such as service X for so much per month, service Y for so much per year, etc.

What are the steps you take to set up?

Getting set up in your new cloud environment might take some time, whether you’re beginning from scratch or switching from one provider to another. Inquire about the setup steps. Why? Because some providers will go above and beyond to assist you in getting set up, while others will only provide you with minimal documentation and leave you on your own.

What security measures do you take?

In any cloud setting, security, both physical and digital, should always be of the utmost importance. In fact, inadequate security is one of the things that encourages businesses to switch service providers. It might be time to seek elsewhere if your current provider is not providing the level of security you require.

How secure is your actual data centre?

Network security is only one aspect of cloud security. It also concerns the physical data center’s security. Where and how the provider’s data centre is safeguarded from natural catastrophes, security threats, power outages, etc. should be your top concerns.

How do you handle the possibility of data loss?

For many businesses considering switching to new cloud data centre providers, this is a crucial question. Understanding a provider’s policies on issues like data redundancy, loss mitigation and control, monetary compensation, and other issues is crucial.

How trustworthy is customer service?

Any cloud environment must have round-the-clock support. Do not be hesitant to inquire about the availability of customer support as well as the typical process for resolving problems. Ask the customer service representatives about their training and experience as well.

Can you scale your cloud environments?

Scalability is a key benefit of transferring IT to the cloud. However, not all vendors make this promise. That is not ideal. To accommodate your company’s potential future development, you need scalability. Future scalability for your business might mean access to more apps, more technical support, and even more bandwidth in addition to increased storage space.

How trustworthy is your uptime promise?

Almost all cloud data centre providers give their clients an uptime guarantee of more than 95%. The issue is that anyone may assert that they have high uptime. You should not only inquire about a provider’s previous up- and downtime, but also demand proof of it. Providers retain logs specifically for that reason.

Position: 10 Questions to Ask Your Provider of Cloud Data Centres

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10 Questions to Ask Your Provider of Cloud Data Centres

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