How to Build Apps with Serverless Architecture

Serverless apps necessitate team members to re-learn about Cloud architecture. A serverless application model is described in this book, and we will examine the steps of front- and back-end development in the serverless application model as well as its advantages and drawbacks. We will also point out the best examples. What is serverless architecture? Developers do not have to worry about managing servers and computing resources in a serverless approach

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What is Dimensional Modeling in Data Warehouse?

Dimensional Modeling Dimensional Modeling is a data structure approach specifically designed for data warehouse storage. The goal of dimensional modeling is to speed up the retrieval of data in the database. Ralph Kimball came up with the idea of “fact” and “dimension” tables when he established Dimensional Modelling. To read, summarize, and analyze numerical data like values, balances, counts, weights, and so on that is stored in a data warehouse,

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Integrating Applications and Cloud Services with CI/CD Pipelines

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) are the practices that make up the pipeline. The CI/CD pipeline is a mechanism for building, testing, and deploying code that is frequently used by DevOps teams. DevOps teams will see more frequent and dependable upgrades to their software and applications, as well as a more collaborative and agile workflow. What is CI/CD PIPELINE? It is an agile DevOps workflow that aims

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Continuous Delivery of GCP Google App Engine

Among IT projects, Agile and DevOps are gaining ground at a rate we’ve never seen before! The number of procedures and tools that allow for the creation of better software grows as a result of the growing interest in these topics. “Delivery” refers to the final phase of software development. There is a risk that the entire agile development approach could be ruined if the delivery is too slow. It

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Process Control Training: What is Analytical Process Control?

Design, analysis, and control of manufacturing processes through timely controlled measurements of essential quality and performance parameters are all part of process analytical technology. This helps ensure the quality of the end product (ICH Q8R2). This term has been around for a long time, yet it’s still relevant today because of how popular it is. Analytical Process Control Process control includes the methods used by industries, machines, and organisms to

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What is Threat Hunting? The Emerging Focus in Threat Detection

Modern systems generate and use a great deal of data. There is a steady stream of network traffic, activity records, and events generated by both small and large companies. It takes a lot of work to keep track of all that data for security threats and assaults. Threat detection and threat hunting are used by Perch to take on the issue. What is Threat Hunting? While threat detection and threat

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API Integration In Wordpress
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