Prioritizing Data Security in 2022: Where Should You Start?

Mandates for Personal Data Privacy and Security State-level privacy regulations increased in the United States in 2021, such as Virginia and Colorado, while GDPR matured, POPIA was passed in South Africa, and PRIMER was implemented in China. Among other things, we discovered what might help a state-level data privacy bill succeed in the US: One can almost always count on a state bill’s passage as soon as the Attorney General

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The False Sense of Security in the Cloud

Your company isn’t the only one that has a reason to go to the cloud. Some people do it to save money on computer hardware. However, some companies go a step further and use outside vendors to help cut their own staffing requirements. It’s common for those who wish to outsource administration and other services to think this includes cybersecurity. However, does it work this way? Is it safe to

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Cloud Threats: What Business Executives Need to Know Right Now

The typical approach to protecting data centres, which involves building walls around the network perimeter, does not work in the cloud. Misconfigurations like leaving a risky port open or not patching a server are some of the many issues that can go undetected by security teams. In a normal cloud hack, you may compromise your own identity, access to resources, and the encryption methods you use. But hackers are only

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7 Web Application Security Best Practices

You can’t merely rely on security products to keep your sensitive data safe from cyberattacks and maintain the greatest possible security posture. We’ve compiled a list of the seven most important aspects of web app security that you should keep in mind. The following are seven best practices for web application security. 1.  Everyone includes in the Security measures Some firms still believe that security is best handled by a

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How Data Intelligence Platforms Promote Business Success

A company’s ability to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment depends increasingly on its ability to comprehend and predict the behaviour of its customers. Consumers’ purchasing habits have changed dramatically in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the next years. Human movement data is critical for businesses trying to keep up with shifting consumer habits, but it is impossible to fully grasp human movement and

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API Integration In Wordpress
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