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When Cybersecurity Regulation Becomes Mandatory

Cybersecurity is an issue that must be addressed in all critical infrastructure operations. At the same time, though, many industries and professionals are wondering what the future of cybersecurity will hold. In what capacity will the state intervene? And might we expect stricter mandates? What led to the current state of cyber threats to essential infrastructure? Cybersecurity is not a new concept, especially in the IT industry, where it is

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Managing Healthcare Cyber Risks With Zero Trust Security

Managing Healthcare Cyber Risks With Zero Trust Security.

Cybercriminals find the healthcare sector to be a particularly juicy target. Medical records are among the most valuable when it comes to stolen data. When combined with the typically inadequate network security of healthcare institutions, hackers of even moderate expertise can quickly gain access to sensitive patient information. But that’s only one of the issues; there could also be dangers coming from within. Mismanagement of data from within the organization

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