24x7 Managed Services

End User Managed Services

With the exponential pace of change in IT, it makes more sense than ever before to use managed IT end-user services. An extra set of hands, whether on-site or via remote support, Brennan IT can be an extension of your business to help you with day-to-day IT management and strategic planning. We provide the fastest, friendliest and most effective IT support and services in response to your technology needs each and every day.

What we offer

VaporVM are your IT service desk, your network operations team, your cloud operations team, your tech support – whatever IT support services you need to keep your business running at its peak, our managed IT end-user services are a cost-effective and secure way of growing and improving your business without hiring new staff. Through taking a holistic approach to your IT environment, we will apply our deep expertise across the full IT spectrum to improve system availability and performance.


Our Managed IT Services offering is completely tailor-able to meet you and your organisation's individual needs. This goes for service levels, service management, the amount of on-site support needed, all the way through to commercials - you can pick the amount of support you need in each area so that you get what you need.


No matter which of our Managed IT Services you utilise, security is central and baked-into it. We'll even help you to fix them, offering industry-leading strategic consultancy, project, and monitoring services to make your organisation impregnable.


Our IT support team gets to know your business inside-out to provide you with the fastest and most effective response to your needs. With a VaporVM team member commonly sitting on-site and working with your IT team directly, as well as a whole team of engineers and service desk agents off-site there's a whole team of experts who are working to improve your IT environment.


Meeting minutes, tickets, and strategic documents are all available for you to view at any time and in real-time. Through our Self-Service Portal, you can see what's happening, how we're performing, and make changes to the services that we're delivering at the click of a button


VaporVM has experience across the entire IT and communications environment, working with a wide range of organisations to provide specialist and strategic support. Plus, we reward our staff when they attain new tech certifications - it’s a great way to ensure that our collective team holds the most current knowledge on the market.


Our Managed IT Services are infinitely scalable so that, no matter the size of your organisation and what you're trying to achieve, we can support you with it. This includes evolving our offering to meet your changing needs so that, should you need to scale, accelerate growth, or start something new we can be your spark, porter, or catalyst.

24x7 Managed Services

What we offer

At VaporVM, we provide 24x7x365 support for our customers. Our support team is highly certified and has years of experience with managing IT environments.

  • Creating and troubleshooting users, VMs, networks using various technologies
  • Support for all operating systems and hypervisors including ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V, Xen, etc.
  • Expertise in providing support for cloud environments that use Ubuntu/RedHat/Mirantis Openstack, VMware, IBM, Softlayer, etc.
  • Expert in providing support services for all VMware, Oracle and Microsoft solutions
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Support for AWS/Azure/Oracle Managed Services
  • Support for all in-house or third party applications apart from those mentioned above.

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