24x7 Managed Services

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Due to technology advances associated with convergence, consolidation and centralization across the ICT stack, networks have become increasingly important and complex. Advanced networking environments are no longer made up of routers, switches and firewalls alone. Newer technologies such as voice and video over IP, WLAN, Server Load Balancing, WAN Optimization, Application based policy control, Secure Remote Access, Web / Email Security and DLP have all become important network elements which govern the businesses ability to operate efficiently and securely. We use software defined technologies, analytics and automation to integrate networks for your cloud environments.

What we offer

VaporVM offers a highly experienced and agile network & infrastructure management team with the skills necessary to meet your end users’ expectations, enabling you to focus more on your business while keeping your costs down.

Greater Complexity

VaporVM supports a wide variety of networking products from different vendors such as Avaya®, Juniper®, Palo Alto, Brocade and many others, with new products added as technology evolves.

Reliability / Predictability

Critical business applications and processes are impacted by unpredictable network availability.

Cost Management

Networking and communications costs are a perennial concern for organizations and one of the most important factors in implementing new services.

Resourcing / Technical Expertise

In-house technical expertise could be better used to progress business projects, rather than manage network monitoring and availability issues.

24x7 Managed Services

Network Monitoring & Management

Various paramaters like Device State, Port state, bandwidth,VLANs traffic etc are monitored round the clock for all the network devices (switches, routers, firewall, Load Balancers etc) that are added into our monitoring systems

24x7 Managed Services

System Monitoring & Management

Various parameters like CPU/RAM Usage, Disk Usage, Service status, Device state etc are monitored round the clock for all the server devices (servers, compute units, Virtualization infrastructure, Storage devices etc) that are added into our monitoring systems

24x7 Managed Services

Security Monitoring & Management

Various incoming traffic and application threats are analyzed and stored in our monitoring (SOC) systems, triggers are set up to act upon a threat with near to real time responses

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