24x7 Managed Services

Managed Security Operation Center Services

Due to technology advances associated with convergence, consolidation and centralization across the ICT stack, networks have become increasingly important and complex. We use software defined technologies, analytics and automation to integrate networks for your cloud environments.

24x7 Managed SOC

Managed SOC 24x7 Security Monitoring and Incidence Response IT/OT

Traffic from various security and network devices is processed through a Security Information and Event Management Solution. The SIEM solution correlates the data into metadata. The security analyst perform the analysis on the traffic/data collected to validate and escalate the issues.

Advanced networking environments are no longer made up of routers, switches and firewalls alone. Newer technologies such as voice and video over IP, WLAN, Server Load Balancing, WAN Optimization, Application based policy control, Secure Remote Access, Web / Email Security and DLP have all become important network elements which govern the businesses ability to operate efficiently and securely.

24x7 Managed SOC

Service Description

VaporVM’s Managed Security Services are segregated into three main categories:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence

Each of these categories has a list of underlying services that would help protect the customer from major vulnerabilities and threats.

24x7 Managed SOC

Security Monitoring

VaporVM provides 24/7 monitoring of customer infrastructure and has visibility into various security aspects. Security monitoring is done real time and threats and vulnerabilities are tackled in the same manner. Our SOC analysts take proactive approach in mitigating customer environments against the latest threats. Monitoring also includes alerts for the customer for various criticality levels and delivers complete visibility into their system.

Security monitoring includes:

  • Host monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Application-log monitoring
  • Data-in-motion monitoring
  • Infrastructure log monitoring
  • User account authentication and access monitoring
24x7 Managed SOC

Incident Reporting

VaporVM ensures that in case of any incident, proper SOPs are followed based on the predetermined criticality factor of the incident.

VaporVM follows a standard procedure to ensure that any breach or threat is timely dealt with and its impact is mitigated.  Following is a general SOP followed by VaporVM SOC team to handle any incident.

24x7 Managed SOC

Threat Intelligence

VaporVM keeps itself up-to-date with the latest trends in cyber security and ensures that its customers are protected against any latest threats like various malwares and ransomwares. VaporVM uses its SEM solution’s expertise in managing an Open Threat Exchange (OTX) that has information about the latest vulnerabilities of countless vendors across the globe and runs correlation analysis to ensure that any such threat is mitigated before it results in an incident.

24x7 Managed SOC

Security Incident Monitoring

VaporVM shall be monitoring the following types of security incidents.
System Compromise – Behavior indicating a compromised system
Exploitation & Installation – Behavior indicating a successful exploit of a vulnerability or backdoor/RAT being installed on a system
Delivery & Attack – Behavior indicating an attempted delivery of an exploit
Reconnaissance & Probing – Behavior indicating a bad actor attempting to discover information about your network
Environmental Awareness – Behavior indicating policy violations, vulnerable software, or suspicious communications

24x7 Managed SOC

Managed SOC - Use Cases

As companies cope with the growing amount of corporate information being generated every day, they face a daunting truth: without their data, they have no business. Crippling cyber attacks and equipment failures, human errors, and natural disasters commonly put an organization’s operations at halt. At the best, data loss or IT downtime can be an expensive inconvenience. At worst, it can be a catastrophic financial blow. Organizations need a backup service to get their business up and running again fast after a disaster or data loss – without draining IT resources in the process. Over the last decade, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions have emerged as secure, cost-effective and reliable solutions.

24x7 Managed SOC

1. SQL Injection Attacks

Target victims: Any enterprise with websites and databases
Vulnerability: High
Criticality: High
SOC feature to address: Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

24x7 Managed SOC

2. Watering Hole Attack

Target victims: Personal and office systems
Vulnerability: Low
Criticality: High
SOC feature to address: Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

24x7 Managed SOC

3. Malware Attacks

Target victims: Any enterprise with websites and databases
Vulnerability: High
Criticality: High
SOC feature to address: Open Threat Exchange correlation

24x7 Managed SOC

4. Compliance Management

Target: Compliance oriented enterprises
Vulnerability: High
Criticality: High
SOC feature to address: Reporting dashboard that provides:

  • Asset discovery
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Host and network intrusion detection
  • File integrity monitoring
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