Business Problem 

A marketing client was generating 1000+ requests. During Peak times the system faced latency issues and the web portal became unresponsive, severely degrading the user experience.  


Faced with the prospect of losing customers due to a bad user experience the client engaged the VaporVM Next-Gen Data Analytics team to provide a solution. 

Our Solution 

Our team optimized the queries and created indexes in the AWS RDS DB.  Finally, using our deep expertise in data analytics using AWS, the team decided to segregate between transactions and reporting and thus created a stand-alone cloud-based data warehouse for reporting. 

Technologies used: Dynamo DB, Redis Cache, AWS RDS, AWS EC2, S3 Buckets, Pentaho, AWS, SNS 

How we created value 

Our solution ensured optimal application performance at the back end and a smooth experience for the client user base. 

Our client was very happy with our solution as it enabled them to continually offer the best service to their customers.