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Application optimization

At VaporVM, we fuel your apps with business intelligence, innovation, latest technology, and evolving industry standards to enable you to adapt swiftly to the ‘New Normal’ of the digital era. We follow a unique approach that uses DevOps, Agile, Automation and more to offer you excellent speed, efficiency, and productivity in a lasting way.

How we can Help

Exploring the Cross-Platform Possibilities

Discovering the options to move your apps to less expensive yet more efficient technology platforms.

Scrutinizing Business Requirements

Extract business requirements from the apps and reorganize them for further engineering.

Fitting it into the New App Ecosystem

Augment your app’s functionality to become part of the evolving application ecosystems which involves but is not limited to mobile analytics, location integration services, performance management, and more.

Conducting App Assessment

Understand and compare your current app functionality against the market standards to propose a feasible business case around renewing your existing apps.

Performing App Migration

Performing hassle-free migration in consideration with the apps current integrations and dependencies and using the middleware products to bridge any technology gaps.

Handling App Maintenance

Maintenance to keep track of the changing trends, modifying the app in accord, and ensuring the app is efficient and insights-driven.

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