Architecture Design

Data is key to get consumer insights, sales performance, and different aspects of business. Our experts can help you design and develop your data-driven solution.

Architect & Design Massive Data Driven Applications

What We Do ?
We can help you design and develop your applications for data insights. Our goal is to make data available as quickly as required by your business to enable you to make well-informed decisions faster. Whither your systems are on-prem or cloud based, we can integrate your data together, correlate it, process it in real time and deliver it to target department teams and consumers.

For an end-to-end data driven application, you can leverage the following services:
  1. Architecture Design & Development
  2. Infrastructure provisioning & configuration
  3. Repository Designing & Data modelling
  4. Data integration and ETL
  5. Custom Data processing utility development
  6. Data processing and Data correlation
  7. DWH Development and maintenance
  8. Data Governance
  9. BI
How We Do ? 
What have We Done ?
Success Stories:

1 – For a Fortune 500 FMCG company, we designed and developed an End-to-End Image processing application, where 1.4 million images are processed each month, an average of 450K images per day. From application design to cloud deployment and development, with custom processing scripts, user access management and a basic front end for monitoring statistics, the application was delivered in record time of 2 months with over achievement by delivering extra features under time.

2 – For a middle east telecom provider, we designed a capacity planning application, where multiple data sources are monitored through logs and near real time capacity and throughput is analyzed through BI tools. The data moves through 16 points for complete processing and quality management, deployed on-prem.

Why VaporVM

VaporVM has experienced certified resources for multiple clouds (Public and private). We provide solutions, optimizations and assessments for Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM, Ali-Cloud and Huawei cloud. For Private cloud we provide services for VMWare, Microsoft, OpenStack and Azure Stack. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud assessments are also provided by VaporVM. These assessments not only provide the cost and efficiency optimal solution for your current needs but also provides a path for future enhancements.

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