The term ‘Big data’ is used to represent large amount of data whether structured or unstructured exhibiting the exponential growth of one’s business in today’s digital world.  Whereas Big data actually promises to make accurate decisions and valid predictions about the functionality and business operations at the right time with extraordinary speed. Big data simply enables the companies to handle multiple and continuous streams of data by offering cloud hosting, optimized data structures, automatic archival and reporting interfaces where you can have a better and exact analysis of your business status so you could make better and useful future choices having lesser risks and greater effectiveness.

Here, at VaporVM we use big data to collect different data including marketing, sales, customer data, transactional data, and other kinds of external data like stock prices, weather and news. Big data processes a huge amount of information and large volumes of streaming data with greater speed and competence. In short, where the traditional tools are simply incapable of dealing such multi natured and huge data there comes the big Data.


  • Data is easily accessible.
  • It increases efficiency.
  • It reduces business expenditures.
  • Big data caters a wide range of information which is kept in organization’s silo.
  • Big Data is timely and the most appropriate.
  • Big Data saves time and money yet monitors multiple systems successfully.
  • Big Data ensures your focus on the real information which is filtered to increase the quality output.
  • Big Data is secureand protects the data.
  • Big Data is accurate, it combines multiple, tested sources and can produce highly accurate intelligence sources.
  • It gives you a clearer status about your business.
  • Big Data gives you a practical solution and updated information.
  • Using big data helps you to increase sales and loyalty.


It features the following four Vs.


Volume refers to the unbelievable and unlimited amounts of information generated every second from all the digital resources including social media, cell phones, cars, credit cards, M2M sensors, images, video, and whatnot.  Here we store the data in different locations and then gathered the whole data through the most suitable software.  This unlimited volume is recorded even after every second and can only be controlled by Big data.


Variety is another prominent characteristic of big data as it generates the data from multiple sources. Big Data collects the information from various sources and in different formats. Now the data is not about numbers and addresses only rather images, photos, videos and audios are countless and all are dealt tactfully through Big Data.


Here Big Data offers you the most reliable and valid information that is actually the business demand. Big Data is accredited to filter the unstructured and irrelevant information to find the data that is essential in business developments.


The trustworthy and valuable data is indispensable for further planning and maintenance. The factual data is then stored, processed and analyzed to have a better visions.


Big data performs all such big duties faster and provides the required information on demand so the end-user does not have to wait longer for accurate and valid information.

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