Industry: Auto Industry

Service Line: Azure Web Services

Geography: Pakistan 

To scale its IT operations and automate deployment processes, a leading automobile manufacturer in Karachi needed to migrate from its current on-premises environment to the public cloud. With VaporVM’s Azure Web App Services and CI/CD Pipeline implementation, the client has reduced their IT overhead costs, has greater scalability, and has increased deployment efficiency.

Business Challenges

Whether you want to cut costs, improve efficiency, or ensure continuity of security, the benefits of migrating from servers to the cloud are many and varied. This is why a leading automobile manufacturer based in Karachi decided to make the shift. 

Their existing environment was deployed on-premises. Their environment had the inherent disadvantages of an on-premises environment, such as reliability, scalability constraints, maintenance issues, security threats, and a lack of automated deployment processes.

Client Requirements

Client requirements were to migrate from their current on-premises environment to the public cloud and set up a highly available and redundant environment for their workloads. They needed both production and staging, and they needed to setup CI/CD pipelines for both production and staging environments for automated deployment and testing.


The VaporVM team proposed an Azure Web Apps service on the Azure cloud after a thorough assessment of their on-premises environment. We migrated their environment to Azure Web apps, where the existing drawbacks of their previous environment were non-existent. We also implemented an automated deployment process with Azure DevOps and created production and staging environments for their deployment.

Value Created

Through their partnership with VaporVM, the client not only reduced their operational costs but also allowed them to be more agile. They have also increased their scalability to meet their customers’ demands, automated their deployment processes, and enhanced security.