• Industry: Garments & Retail 
  • Service Line: Managed Services 
  • Geography: UAE

Faced with IT overheads and ongoing costs of managing IT infrastructure, hardware and  software maintenance, a leading UAE Retail company partnered with VaporVM to help them  lessen their burden of managing their own IT. Through their partnership with VaporVM, the  client has seen greater security, scalability, and reduces IT cost by up to 25%. 

Business Challenges 

The retail business is getting more and more fast-paced, and from a technological standpoint, it is also  getting more and more complicated. Retailers not only have to run their businesses day-to-day, but they  also must make sure they can keep up with the constantly changing and evolving landscape of the latest  technologies they use to run their businesses and keep everything running smoothly. 

As a result, IT infrastructure management, hardware and software maintenance, and IT security may  become costly and overwhelming, on top of all the other things that are required to keep the business  running. 

This is why UAE’s Leading Retail company turned to VaporVM to help them lessen their burden of  managing their own IT and ensure that their retail business stays ahead of the ever-changing  technological curve. 

Client Requirements

The client needed 24/7 monitoring of network infrastructure consisted of VPN connections, servers,  network devices and storage devices. They also want to make sure that they will be alerted as soon as  an issue arises or receive a warning to prevent an issue. 


VaporVM has a monitoring tool (N-Central) that allows system-based and application-based monitoring  of a broad range of devices. Our team installed agents into devices that reports the status of the  machines to our monitoring system. 

We have also dedicated a big-screen monitor to monitor actual status of VPN connections in real time.  SOPs were created in collaboration with the customer to make sure it satisfies their requirement. SOPs  indicate which alerts and devices are critical hence will need to be resolved at the highest priority.

Value Created 

If the client needed their own resources to work 24/7 for monitoring, they will at the very least need to  have a six-man team of IT experts to cover all days of the week. This means they will have to hire these  resources, process their employment, and manage them to ensure quality work which is not cost  effective. 

Our team has over 20 highly trained IT Support Engineers that monitors the customer’s environment on  shifting schedules. This allows round the clock monitoring of customer’s network infrastructure. Additionally, VaporVM follows ITIL-based Incident Management. When cases arise, we can endorse an  issue to Level-2 Support that can handle more complex issues on Network, System and Storage. 

Through their partnership with VaporVM, the client not only reduced their operational cost but also  allows them to be more agile. They have also increased their scalability to meet their customers’  demands, automate their deployment processes, and an enhanced security.