• Industry: Private Cloud Provider 
  • Service Line: Managed Services 
  • Geography: UAE 

An established private cloud service provider in the UAE had an urgent requirement. They were  pursuing a big opportunity and needed an IT Help Desk Services. To help them win the deal and after  learning about VaporVM’s Next-Gen Network Operations Center, they partnered with VaporVM to  support their bid. 

Business Challenges 

For service providers, offering a stellar service package to clients is very crucial. Not only does it help  them give a seamless and wholesome experience but can also provide them an upselling opportunity  and boos their profit margins. 

This is why a Tech Service Provider in the UAE offering their own private cloud as a service within MENA  Region leveraged a partnership with VaporVM to help them win their bid. 

They lack the manpower to accommodate requests related to IT Helpdesk concerns and will need to  setup IT Helpdesk at the soonest possible time for them to close a deal for one of their clients.

Client Requirements 

After receiving knowledge exchange sessions to understand the client’s environment and workflow,  VaporVM’s IT Helpdesk must be setup and ready for operation within 2 weeks following the deal win. 

The VaporVM Next-Gen NOC team must handle tickets, account creation, password reset, exchange  administration, patch deployment and so much more. 

VaporVM’s Next-Gen NOC needs to be equipped with the necessary tools to provide a complete service  inclusive of helpdesk hotline, ticketing tool and remote troubleshooting. 


VaporVM has a Next-Gen NOC Team which has the capability of assisting end-users with their IT  concerns. Our partner acquired VaporVM’s service to provide IT Helpdesk services to their customer. 

Since then, VaporVM has been representing our partner in handling tickets from one of their biggest  clients’ end-users. Our team works on requests such as account creation, password reset, exchange  administration, patch deployment and all helpdesk tasks. 

Value Created 

Through the collaboration, our partner won the deal with one of their biggest customers. VaporVM’s  ability to handle ticket requests, vigilant upkeep, and the constant monitoring of their client’s  technology assets from end-users allows them to focus more on managing their client’s infrastructure whilst providing them bigger opportunity to grow and scale.