• Industry: Fleet Management
  • Service Line: Azure IoT, Data Analytics
  • Geography: UAE 

Faced with data siloed in legacy on-prem applications, a leading UAE fleet management company partnered with VaporVM to implement a microservices-based application and real-time vehicle tracking. Through the partnership, the client has increased their productivity and reusability as well as saved money.

Business Challenges

Data silos, while common, are huge sources of inefficiency in any department or organization. This problem is exacerbated in IT, where any loss of time can incur huge costs. In short, data silos cause wasted resources and inhibited productivity. 

With this in mind, a leading fleet management company based in the UAE reached out to VaporVM to help them with their siloed data in legacy on-prem applications.

Client Requirements

Data extraction for reporting is very difficult and time consuming. Also, the application architecture can’t scale with increased demand. With multiple modules, the client needs to migrate to the public cloud. These modules need to be architected on the principals of microservices with real-time vehicle tracking. They needed a solution that was highly scalable, reliable, and available.


VaporVM Team proposed an End-to-End (currently WIP) for processing Big Data and a web application to monitor and administer vehicle tracking. The solution includes the following components:

  1. Azure Synapse Analytics – analytics
  2. Power BI – dashboard and reporting
  3. Web Application/Mobile Application
  4. Azure AI/ML
  5. Event Driven Architecture

Value Created

The client now has a real-time tracking tool to help them have clear visibility and management of their vehicles. Not only is it a microservices-based application, but the app also has faster data storage retrieval and easier solution maintenance.