Industry: Renewable Energy 

Service Line: AWS Services

Geography: UAE

An eco-friendly development company was having problems and limitations with Shopify, which is a software as a service solution. They were trying to make their e-commerce platform more seamless for their customers in the AWS environment. After the VaporVM team implemented a customized multivendor IaaS solution for the client, they have not only seen a large increase in traffic to their website, but they can now scale and have a faster time to launch.

Business Challenges

For any business to thrive, developing a good product or service is only half the battle. Providing your customers with good customer support is just as important. This is why one of the world’s most sustainable urban communities in the UAE thrives to provide a better-quality experience to their customers through their e-commerce platform.

They were using Shopify, which is a SaaS solution and has some limitations for their e-commerce store. Not only does it have limitations, but they also can’t customize their store to meet the evergrowing demand of their customers.

Client Requirements

The client needed a complete, scalable, and highly available infrastructure and solution for their new

e-commerce platform. The new platform not only needs to be compatible with the AWS environment, but it also must be an IaaS model.


VaporVM team implemented a multivendor solution instead of Shopify. Multivendor had many advantages over the old e-commerce store; it is scalable, it has more customizable options since it’s an IaaS solution. 

Value Created

Through their partnership with VaporVM, the client can now draw large amounts of traffic to their website, reduce their costs, have more flexibility, scale easily, and build an impact on their customers by fulfilling their demands, thus providing a better experience and quality service.