• Industry: Medical Industry
  • Service Line: E-commerce, Power-body API Integration
  • Geography: UK

E-Commerce websites for independent pharmacies have transformed how the medicine industry looks at buying and selling. Almost every business sector now relies heavily on the internet, and independent community pharmacies should be no exception. A UK-based independent community pharmacy partnered with VaporVM to help them build their e-commerce store and integrate the Power-body API. Through the partnership, the client has increased their sales and their business has become more scalable.

Business Challenges

The pandemic has changed consumers’ purchasing behaviors. It has accelerated customer’s preference to using online pharmacies. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly altered consumer behavior. Customers’ shift to online pharmacies has been accelerated by the pandemic. 

Whether you own a chain of pharmacies or a small independent community pharmacy, an e-commerce pharmacy store will help expand your business and enter new markets outside your local area. However, some community pharmacy owners have been somewhat slow to embrace the change.

To keep up with the ongoing demands of modern consumers, a UK-based independent community pharmacy turned to VaporVM to help them build their e-commerce store where they could sell their products online as COVID changed the way they do business. 

Client Requirements

The client required an e-commerce store built on WordPress/WooCommerce and should be integrated with the Power Body APIs in their online pharmacy site for drop shipping.


After understanding the client’s requirements, the VaporVM App Development Team built an online pharmacy on WordPress-WooCommerce CMS to quickly setup an online store and developed a cloud native middleware using Azure Functions and Azure SQL. PowerBody Middleware is responsible for syncing the 9000+ products on PowerBody and managing the order transmission from the existing site to PowerBody.

Value Created

Even if you have no aspirations of growing a large-scale e-Commerce pharmacy business, you need to make sure you protect your retail pharmacy business by providing customers with the experience that they now expect. 

Independent pharmacies should also provide a convenient experience for retail customers to order prescriptions, book services, and shop online.

Through this partnership, the client can now easily scale their business while at the same time boosting their sales and increasing turnover.