• Industry: Contractor 
  • Service Line: Gap Analysis 
  • Geography: UK 

As changes go into effect, contractors need to prioritize compliance and data security before they fall behind and risk losing business deals. To help them implement security procedures, a leading UK-based provider of public services partnered with VaporVM. After performing gap analysis within their current configurations and implement security hardening procedures, the client has now a streamlined solutions that protect sensitive data.  

Business Challenges 

The cybersecurity and compliance efforts for Contractors are met with a complex, everevolving list of regulations, system changes, and data guidelines. They need to meet changing regulations and implementing a gap analysis assessment is the critical first step towards achieving compliance.  

To identify the most direct path of full compliance, along with ongoing strategies that will keep the business running smoothly as new regulations come into play, a UK-based leading provider of public services reached out to the VaporVM Security team to perform a Security Assessments activity that would allow them to implement security hardening procedures and overcome the gaps identified within their current configurations. 

Client Requirements 

The client requires the VaporVM team to perform a Gap Analysis and configuration review of their assets. The client also wanted us to perform configuration review manually to review and report missing and default configurations which can impact the security posture of organization. Solution 


After fully understanding the client’s requirements, VaporVM Security Team performed a detailed Gap analysis and configuration review according to VMware best practices and benchmarks, looks for vendor best practices, review implemented processes, policies for EDR, review deployment and functionality, safe protection review, log files review etc. 

Value Created 

Navigating in today’s world means businesses should adopt agile processes, which includes reliable cybersecurity systems in place. 

With a clearer visibility of potential risks and threats, the client was able to eliminate misconfigurations and strengthen their security. They now have identified areas that need more attention and resources.  

On top of that, after performing gap analysis within their current configurations and implement security hardening procedures, they have not only streamlined their solutions that protect sensitive data but also future-proofed their organization from major potential revenue loss.