Industry: IT Industry / SaaS 

Service Line: Cloud & Security Policies

Geography: USA

A Boston-based cybersecurity company specializing in cloud computing was building a security tool that requires multiple CloudFormation and Terraform templates in the form of security policies. After working with the VaporVM team and providing them with all the required templates for multiple AWS services, the client simplified and optimized their application launch, saving them time, cost, and resources.

Business Challenges

Without information security, an organization’s information assets, including any intellectual property, are susceptible to compromise or theft. It is important to keep the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability in mind when developing corporate information security policies.

This is why a US-based security SaaS company needed multiple CloudFormation and Terraform templates in the form of security policies for the security tool they are building.

Client security tools required 200+ security policies, which were needed both in CloudFormation and Terraform, and are only targeting AWS for its security product.

Client Requirements

Client required templates Terraform and CloudFormation for multiple AWS services including S3, RDS, Cloud Front, DynamoDB etc.


The VaporVM Security Team along with Cloud Team created the templates for the client which was required for its security tool.

Value Created

Through their partnership with VaporVM, the client was able to successfully simplify and optimized their application launch saving them time, cost, and resources.