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Public Cloud

The Public cloud enables the public sector to enjoy the incredible technological origination in the cloud environment where on premises management and maintenance of application infrastructure and hardware, all done by public cloud provider at a wonderful reduced cost

Public Cloud

At VaporVM, we provide modern day IT and network solutions to the public sector through cloud computing, professional and managed IT and NOC services. We take pride in our distinction for being the single source provider of end-to-end IT solutions to cater for the business and technology needs of our customers.

VaporVM has the experience of deploying and managing cloud environments on , including its own cloud infrastructure. Our engineers also have expertise around leading transformational technologies around cloud computing that includes, but is not limited to AWS, Azure, VMware, Openstack, etc.


Cost Effective

Quick and easy setup


High levels of adaptability

Optimized Hardware

Optimizied infrastructure

Budget friendly solution

Remote business setup

Globally accessible

Our Projects

VaporVM has been involved in a number of projects in the public sector. One example can be a few of our projects in the education sector, where leading schools have been running their workloads (LMS and NQA, etc.) on our cloud.

Our team of experts has also worked on infrastructure designs for Safe City projects for multiple cities, along with detailed cloud architectures for hospitals. Our state of the art 24x7x365 NOC ensures that you experience the maximum up-time, and the best security at the lowest cost. Our expertise and experience in working across several use cases allows us to identify and meet challenges, and go beyond the expectations of our customers.

Why Choose Us


Our experts skillfully design the isolated cloud servers to fulfil the privacy requirement. We deliberately offer our worthy clients manageable and flexible deals which are way easy to be reversed when demanded by the organization.


Our security team follows significant business standards and promises to provide you high levels of security by controlling and monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic and thus stops unauthorized access.


We can isolate your hardware and web equipment in our datacenters. Thus your data gets completely secured.


We provide you the solution that is highly adaptable according to your preferences. We secure your data and distribute it in different datacenters of your selected location

Reversible data

We help you to retrieve your data in case of cloud collapse. Any accidental happening that may cause loss of your data will be handled by our experts

an Affordable Solution

Public cloud is no doubt the modern solution to your corporate where you pay as go, this way it provides you quite an inexpensive way to have business solutions with the most advanced software and hardware. Here we aim to provide you an all-round strategic plan at a budget friendly package

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