As we learn more about digital platforms, cyberattacks serve as a constant reminder that the internet is not neutral. There can be a source of convenience and a possible cyber hazard with each click and type. The significance of cybersecurity has never been more obvious in a culture that is dominated by technology. Let’s take a closer look at cyberattacks and examine their prevalence, consequences, and the crucial role cybersecurity plays in safeguarding our digital future.

The Numbers Game: How Frequently Occur Cyber Attacks?

Hackers are always developing new techniques to identify weaknesses. Digital platforms are evolving because of this. The goal of the BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team was to look at actual data. A 90-day period of research, from December 2022 to February 2023, was conducted to learn more about how frequently cyber dangers occur.

During this time, their AI-powered endpoint protection solution identified and prevented 1,578,733 malware-based cyber dangers aimed at clients. This comes up to an alarming 12 attacks every minute, 17,280 attacks daily on average, 720 attacks per hour, and 720 cyberattacks daily on average. The evidence is clear: cyberthreats are a consistent and persistent threat, not an accident.

The study also revealed that threat actors constantly modify their tactics. According to the data in the report, malware that was previously undetectable caused about 2,00,454 new attacks. This illustrates how flexible and inventive hackers are. The need for cybersecurity services like VAPT and Compliance to stay ahead at every turn is further highlighted by this.

Industries Under Review

Cyberattacks don’t make any distinctions. They do, however, always show certain preferences. The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team conducted research and identified the industries that these cyber threats target most frequently. The results showed which businesses are most vulnerable to cyber threats and how important it is for all industries to stay vigilant online.

Institutions of finance

The financial industry was the most frequently targeted during the study period, with 231,510 malware attempts being prevented. Every day, 2,601 attacks using malware were launched by attackers.

There are a total of 34 different types of malware. The frequency with which threat actors that target this industry employ the free pentesting tool Metasploit is one worrying finding.

Services and Resources for Health Care

The alarming 93,000 blocked attempts from hospitals, clinics, and medical device makers included 5,246 different malware versions. The attackers showed their dedication to finding weaknesses. They were able to do this by regularly exploiting 59 brand-new vulnerabilities every day. The Emotet Trojan, the adversary simulation tool Cobalt Strike, and ransomware variants like BlackCat were notable dangers at the time.

Food and grocery stores

12% of attempted breaches happened at pharmacies, grocery stores, and other companies that offer food. These sectors, which are vital to our everyday lives and have wide-ranging effects from their vulnerabilities, are high-risk targets. The quantity of potential threats is currently greater than in the past due to increased interconnectivity and digitization.

The Reality Check: Making Cybersecurity a Top Priority with VaporVM

The facts and the stats paint a bleak picture of the cyber threat environment. This highlights the need for preemptive security measures even more. Even if the third generation of cybersecurity, powered by AI and machine learning, offers hope for more predictive defenses, organizations must prioritize their present defenses based on personalized Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

There isn’t a single strategy for cybersecurity. It necessitates a thorough approach that considers the unique risks and weaknesses unique to each firm. Effectively developed, curated, and personalized threat intelligence has the power to profoundly change how organizations detect and defend against cyberattacks.

VaporVM, a CERT-In accredited auditor, is just what you need in this situation to protect all industries’ infrastructure from cyberattacks. For businesses like yours trying to ensure secure digital platforms, our knowledge of digital security can be a priceless advantage. VaporVM helps companies avoid cybersecurity risks by putting in place reliable cybersecurity policies and solutions. We assist your firm in protecting business operations while safeguarding its important data.