Business Problem 

A leading online clothing retailer, headquartered in UAE. The client’s business was growing fast but their costs for AWS cloud services were growing disproportionately.  Unnecessary duplication of images and excessive data retention. 


The customer wanted a way to reduce the amount of storage space they were utilizing. 

Our Solution 

VaporVM implemented Modern Infrastructure Services to facilitate the eCommerce framework for better performance and cost optimization on the go. Serverless, IAC, and event-driven provisioning were used to provide optimization and a more resilient environment. 

  • Built a Lamda function to replace a cropping-tool  
  • Data stored in s3 
  • Reduced the backup retention period to 7-days 

How we created value 

The client was now able to keep data for the duration needed, remove the bug that resulted in the unnecessary creation of multiple copies of the cropped image and a huge decrease in their storage cost. 

Also, we helped the client free up precious storage space and reduce their AWS cloud services cost by approximately 25%.