Make your business easier and your working capability double by executing your business using effective and most reliable managed services that will bring technological novelty to your name. The game becomes really strong and perfect when the managed services expertise of seasoned professionals switches to your organization to handle the daily operations enabling your organization’s IT team to get more focused on strategic IT programs and other business basic competencies.

Our managed services experts and designers take on the 360-degree responsibility to manage your business’ entire operations and take sensitive decisions. At VaporVM, our technology consultants communicate the plans and their tactical decisions to the respective clients so they could enjoy the unique and stabled market individuality.


  • The in-house IT department becomes stress free and gets focused on business core objectives to endorse novelty and innovation.
  • Great stability and scalability to manage one’s business potential growth as needed.
  • Here our managed services experts, free from any limited time frame, work around the clock to support the users to win the contemporary competition.  
  • Skilled managed services provider suggests the most adequate plan saving your time and money.  
  • This way you access to the world talented IT specialists to yield the maximum quality output at a fraction of the cost. 
  • The managed service providers understand your business needs and strive hard to meet the standards and requirements without burdening your in house team.
  • This is the cost effective solution while enjoying the maximum benefits.

·       It reduces security threats and promises a disaster free approach.


1. Cyber security:

Frequent cybercriminal strategies are rising day by day so it is essential to address all the security breaches effectively which includes the following must to do steps:

  • Firewall settings
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Encryption at the file level
  • Service delivery specifications

2. Managed infrastructure and support:

A well administered infrastructure provides safe and sound foundations to your IT environment so the maintenance, network, storage issues are dealt with extreme care and responsibility.

3. Helpdesk Support

In managed services you get helpdesk support at wonderfully reasonable rates where the service provider is just a call away from you. It works best for those who work for longer hours and even on weekends.

4. Network Monitoring & Maintenance

Any network disruption implies poor control over networking and storage resources. Proper maintenance and remote monitoring will easily detect any suspicious activity.

5. Disaster Recovery and a backup solution:

Future comprehensive disaster recovery plans must be taken into serious consideration and other preventive measures regarding your data security are quite indispensable to continue your business in the toughest disastrous phase.  

6. Keep your business up to date:

As your business grows, your targeted plans will also change with the growing technologies and advancement. Sticking to the old and outdated policies will fail you. New strategies will be produced covering your security needs and data monitoring defined by managed services.

7. Termination of Service

The easy termination practice offered by managed services is another noticeable feature that ensures you will not undergo any extra and undue penalty in case of leaving and cancelling your contract whatever the reason of cancellation would be whether budget, size or needs.

8. Non-Solicitation Agreement

The managed services promise the protection of your business data and are supposed to keep your business data confidential. You must seek the prior documentation and confirm the addition of non-solicitation agreement in the contract.