Business Problem 

A leading Fleet Management company in the UAE had data siloed in legacy on-prem applications.  Data extraction for reporting very difficult and time-consuming. Application architecture cannot scale with increased demand   


Multiple modules need to be migrated to the Public Cloud. These modules need to be architected on the principals of microservices with real-time vehicle tracking. The solution needs to be highly scalable, reliable, and available. 

Our Solution 

End-to-End solution (currently WIP) for processing Big Data and a web application to monitor and administer vehicle tracking. The solution includes the following components: 

  1. Azure Synapse Analytics – analytics 
  1. Power BI – dashboard and reporting 
  1. Web Application/Mobile Application 
  1. Azure AI/ML 
  1. Event Driven Architecture 

How we created value 

  • Microservices-based application 
  • Real-time tracking through stream analytics 
  • Fast data storage and retrieval  
  • Easier solution maintenance and increased reusability