IOT - Internet Of Things

We provide real-time and quick ingestion, processing and analysis of data which can be used for IoT, Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.

IOT - Internet Of Things

What we do ?

We design and build secure and scalable IoT software, including solutions for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), smart cities, fleet management, smart connected products, and more.

How we do ?

we develop firmware and embedded systems to integrate smart devices into IoT infrastructure, capture sensor data, relay it to the cloud, and perform data analysis on a device in edge and fog computing deployments. Our expertise encompasses.

  • Schematics
  • PCB layout and design
  • PCB signal, power integrity, and thermal analysis
  • Custom enclosure design
  • Firmware development
  • DSP and microcontroller programming
  • Motor control apps for equipment, UAVs, and Smart Homes
  • ETL and middleware solutions for sensor data acquisition, integration, and M2M
  • Cloud Bridge development
  • BSPs for real-time and embedded OSs
  • AOSP development and support
  • Full documentation, verification, compliance, and fabrication support

These are the following set of tools which we mainly use but they are subject to change according to technology advancement.

What we have done ?

We have designed multiple systems Based on IOT which includes Zoxcell, Samtech, PSS (Parametric security System), Weather drones etc. brief introduction for PSS and weather drones will be discussed here. In PSS we used multiple Laser Beams and placed them on a wall where we want to maintain security so that no illegal person can enter in the prohibited area, we used LORA module for communication between the Laser beams and the Command-and-Control-Center. We used Azure cloud for data storage and HTTPS protocol for safe transfer of Data. In, Weather drone we used real time analytics and predicted the future weather conditions. We used android studio for mobile application development and Firebase for Data storage and processing. We planted multiple weather parameter sensors on the drone and gave it a particular altitude. The sensors continuously sent the signals to Firebase cloud and from there we get data into the application and perform analytics using machine learning models.  

Why VaporVM

VaporVM has experienced certified resources for multiple clouds (Public and private). We provide solutions, optimizations and assessments for Azure, AWS, GCP, IBM, Ali-Cloud and Huawei cloud. For Private cloud we provide services for VMWare, Microsoft, OpenStack and Azure Stack. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud assessments are also provided by VaporVM. These assessments not only provide the cost and efficiency optimal solution for your current needs but also provides a path for future enhancements.

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