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ITaaS Business Transformation

The adoption of an IT as a Service cloud operating model is one of the most effective ways a business may proceed towards complete IT transformation by modernizing and automating its IT infrastructure.

A large part of the infrastructure provisioning process, configuration, and change management are automated with ITaaS. As a result, the line of business end-users and developers can self-serve and manage on-premises IT resources as their needs and workload demands change.

Management and orchestration software and API processes let ITaaS organizations automate service delivery through hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, resulting in a timely, responsive, cost-transparent, and sufficiently adaptable user experience that fosters innovation in the industry.

Automated IT service delivery has many advantages

In addition to being a crucial indicator of overall IT Transformation success, automated IT service delivery provides significant operational benefits.

Using an ITaaS cloud operating model is linked to higher IT and business agility, streamlined operations, improved end-user happiness, and – probably most crucially – greater business performance, according to new data from industry researcher ESG1.

Streamlining IT operations, from workload definition and infrastructure procurement through system integration and deployment is one of the primary goals of the cloud operations paradigm. In organizations that employ ITaaS, end-users select the services they need from an IT-approved service catalog, which has been vetted by IT staff. When an order comes in, the organization’s highly virtualized and automated data center resources are used to assign the infrastructure needed to fulfill it. An approach that reduces meetings, delays, and deployments leads to higher IT agility and improved business agility at the same time.

In addition to removing manual IT bottlenecks, ITaaS also improves the efficiency of service delivery across a business. IT projects are finished on time and on budget, and IT professionals are freed up to work on higher-value activities like IT architecture, planning, and application development instead of mundane jobs like deploying, administering, and monitoring infrastructure.

But wait, there’s more. According to a recent study, companies who have implemented ITaaS claim higher levels of commercial performance and are more positive about their competitive positions than those that haven’t.

How does ITaaS impact IT maturity?

Research shows that making the switch to automated IT service delivery can have a significant impact on an organization’s operational agility as well as its capacity to achieve full IT transformation.

ESG conducted a survey earlier this year of 4,000 IT executives from corporate and public sector organizations in 16 countries to evaluate their progress in adopting IT Transformation2 – and score them as ‘Legacy,’ ‘Emerging,’ ‘Evolving,’ or ‘Transformed.’

‘Transformed’ enterprises were found to be roughly 10 times more likely than ‘Evolving’ organizations to use ITaaS. (58 percent versus 6 percent). Not one of the “Emerging” or “Legacy” firms polled by ESG reported utilizing ITaaS, which is noteworthy.

In ESG’s Research Insights Brief on the important role that automated IT service delivery plays in IT Transformation, these stats are detailed.

ITaaS advantages clear IT Transformation

According to the ESG findings, implementing automated IT service delivery yields considerable operational and broader business benefits.

Companies that have adopted ITaaS, as opposed to “Legacy” enterprises, are more likely to be “Transformed” in the following ways:

  • 5 times more likely to beat their competitors to market than their closest rivals (76 percent versus 14 percent).
  • App deployments are over 15 times more likely to be completed ahead of schedule when compared to those that are delayed (44 percent versus 3 percent).
  • More than five times more likely to run an on-site infrastructure that is as cost-effective as the public cloud (71 percent versus 27 percent).
  • 5 times as likely to exceed revenue targets by at least 10%.
  • More than a third of our work has been completed ahead of schedule.

Would your clients and prospects be interested in obtaining this level of success and efficiency? You’re right! Explain to them how automated IT service delivery may benefit their businesses… Take the time to do so…

With ITaaS, you can transform your business

The way businesses develop and generate value is being transformed by the cloud. Most firms operate their operations using a hybrid cloud model, which combines traditional on-premises systems with cloud services. Even while a hybrid cloud architecture allows for greater resource control and flexibility, the primary motivation for moving to the cloud is to create or grow a custom software-defined infrastructure. To begin with, it appears to be an effective solution, but the long-term consequences of using a hybrid cloud strategy are more difficult to overcome. Hybrid component planning, procurement, and maintenance will get more difficult as time goes on. The benefit of digital transformation cannot be maximized solely using hybrid cloud infrastructure. Consider some of the limitations of this software-centric delivery model.

The immature nature of software-defined infrastructure presents several unique obstacles, the most common of which are related to the technology itself. The lack of industry standards for device control, where the control software must know the status of all network devices regardless of vendor equipment, is one of the most significant parts of this difficulty. Another important issue is the inability to define business processes or IT policies. Automation rules that deploy “just in case” fixes rather than “just in time” fixes lead to resource overprovisioning because of this flaw.

“We need an area where suppliers understand the reality that we require a path away from their solution… ” is a major challenge addressed by most firms working with software product development partners.

We need to be able to use more software and less hardware… As requested by the client, “We need partners that can assist us in building organizational buy-in, a difficulty that is frequently associated with changes to the business process.” New technologies, new technical skillsets, and new managerial strategies are all required to work within this new paradigm. That’s why more and more firms are embracing the IT as a Service (ITaaS) model, which is the next big thing in IT. Businesses are moving away from integrating IT systems and toward integrating IT services because of the hybrid cloud.

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ITaaS Business Transformation

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