Ransomware, a form of malware through which the cyber criminals get some codes and encrypt the victim’s confidential detail. After having control over the secret data the hackers demand a ransom from their target person or corporation to regain their access to the data over the payment of heavy ransom.

The ransomware enters to a system specifically via spam emails. Once you allow the file or attachment to get loaded, you let the malware in that infects your computer. Proper preventive measures, regular and sound training of employees regarding online working, usage of warning signs ensure the safety of your system avoiding all kinds of threats.

How does Ransomware work:

It mostly enters via:

  • Pishing spam
  • Some security weaknesses and vulnerabilities

The hackers then start encrypting all the secret files of the victim’s computer and they finally become inaccessible by the respective owner. Moreover the hacker informs the victim that decryption facility will be given over the payment of hefty ransom. The attacker threatens the victims of leakware or doxware of their sensitive detail in case the victim is showing some unwillingness.

Common Ransomware targets:

  • Corporations having weak security teams
  • Corporations that are likely to pay quick and heavy ransom
  • Government agencies
  • Law firms
  • Health care organizations


Proper defensive steps are inevitable to avoid ransomware threat and its spread. This devastating malware infects your system badly and the following measures will lead you to a safe future.

  • unbeatable security practices
  • up to date operating system
  • antivirus software for the detection of any malicious program
  • whitelisting software building a barrier against the unauthorized interruption
  • keeping a safe backup and record

Ransomware removal

There is no hard and fast rule how to fix ransomware, yet it needs to be handled in a tricky manner before the infection spreads and the problem grows more sophisticated. The underlying fact of ransomware is that once the system is hacked, no measure would help you to decrypt the file unless you have the key which the illegal intruder is holding. But the following simple to follow rules will help you remove the ransomware.

  • Isolate all the infected devices
  • Try to figure out its type and its severity
  • Fight with the malware
  • Ensure a safe backup
  • Recover the traceable files
  • Scan the system and settings to get the malware
  • Installation of antimalware and antivirus