People make the difference at VaporVM and it all starts with our executive team. Our leadership comprises of top research professionals, strategy consultants, and technology experts. They bring deep industry knowledge and work toward a single shared purpose of being customer-centric.

Aqeel Asim – CEO has 20 plus years of technology background stemming from Cisco, IBM, and AT&T in the United States. He co-founded VaporVM in 2013 and moved to Dubai from New York in2017 to lead VaporVM’s growth. Aqeel holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering.

Usman Malik – COO initially joined VaporVM in 2019 to lead business development and expansion activities globally-focused primarily on growing VaporVM’s footprint in the Gulf and North America. Usman’s role was expanded in early 2021 to manage the overall operational health of the company and he now holds the position of COO. Usman is originally from Connecticut, USA. A private banker from JP Morgan and later a strategy consultant, Usman plays a critical role in further strengthening VaporVM’s way of Working, including commercial engagement models. Usman earned his Master’s in Finance from Harvard University.

Umair Riaz – CTO is the newest member of the executive leadership team at VaporVM. Umair joined earlier in the year as a sour first CTO, responsible for delivering and implementing the technology roadmap for VaporVM and its customers. Prior to joining VaporVM, Umair worked as a field CTO (Principal Systems Engineer) for Dell Technologies. Umair moved to Dubai ten years ago from the USA and lives with his wife and son. Umair earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Delaware.