Business Problem 

A leading multinational hardware & software company had a critical requirement. Their key client had just launched a new application, which needed to be kept secure from cyber threats.  The option to manage security in-house was simply not cost-effective. 


The client had to outsource all security monitoring activities. 

Our Solution 

Our SOC team delivers services 24/7/365 to Monitoring services to their client. RSA Netwitness is the main SIEM solution for monitoring and Incident Escalation. Once a ticket is raised by L1 SOC Analyst, the L2 engineers analyze the event and respond accordingly.  

Endpoint Response is executed using Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection Solution. Periodic Security Assessments are performed using Rapid 7 Nexpose and Nessus Security Center. 

Technologies used: RSA Netwitness, Microsoft Defender, Advanced Threat Protection, Rapid 7 Nexpose, Nessus Security Center 

How we created value 

VaporVM diligently monitor the customer infrastructure for security threats.  Using our skilled staff and world-class tools we detect and respond to all types of known security threats. 

In the first 6 months, we responded to approximately 225 tickets. 

Our clients can now focus on critical business activities with the peace of mind that they are protected against security breaches.