Business Problem 

A leading Middle Eastern luxury real estate company was facing several critical issues.   

Their cloud-based architecture, hosted on Alibaba Cloud, was poorly managed and on occasions it was breached, putting the company information at grave risk.  The client also complained of slow application performance including the company website, which was the company’s focal digital marketing tool, leading to a poor user experience for potential customers. 


The customer wanted to migrate their existing infrastructure to another server in Alibaba Cloud and to implement complete CI|CD for their new production and staging environment.  They also wanted to secure their web application. 

Our Solution 

Knowing that cloud security is a shared responsibility, between the CSP and the customer, the VaporVM DevOps team used their expertise to strategically strengthen the client’s architecture. 

  • Audited breached server 
  • Created new server with identical configuration 
  • Implemented CI|CD using Jenkins and Bitbucket 
  • Used multiple bitbucket branches i.e. dev for staging and master for production 
  • Implemented WAF 

Technologies used: Alibaba Cloud, Jenkins, Bitbucket 

How we created value 

Through the partnership with VaporVM, the client’s cloud architecture was now more secure, thus ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the client’s business information. Moreover, the application performance had greatly improved, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.