Business Problem 

A leading UAE sporting organization complained of website load-time issues resulting in a degraded user experience.   

The client also identified an inadequate disaster recovery service, which is a huge information security risk. 


After learning about VaporVM’s strong capabilities in DevOps and Cloud Computing, the client engaged our DevOps team to find the right solution and mitigate the risk they are currently facing. 

Our Solution 

After understanding the business requirement and auditing the existing client infrastructure environment, we have advised the client to move to a cloud-based architecture.   

The DevOps team moved the entire client architecture to the VaporVM public cloud.  The result was faster website loading and a guaranteed cloud-based disaster recovery service. 

Technologies used: OpenStack Public Cloud 

How we created value 

The solution resulted in a better user experience for the client’s customers.  We also mitigated the information security risk related to disaster recovery services.