Future of DevOps Trends to Watch

Future of DevOps: Trends to Watch

Digitalization and automation have recently increased, illustrating how technology is changing every facet of the business. DevOps has been demonstrated to be an essential software development strategy for successful digital transformation. Recent industry research says that the DevOps market will grow at a rate of 24.7% per year between 2019 and 2026, taking it to more than $20 billion. Rapid software development and delivery, enhanced quality, and greater customer happiness

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How Does DevOps Help in The Software Testing Strategy

How Does DevOps Help in The Software Testing Strategy?

It is the goal of DevOps to streamline and automate every step of the software development process. Agile best practice Continuous Integration (CI) is the foundation of most effective DevOps testing strategies. An automatic build verifies each check-in, allowing teams to quickly identify mistakes and conflicts. To speed up the release process, automation frameworks like Jenkins and CI technologies like Bamboo are used. What is DevOps? DevOps aims to bring

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API Integration In Wordpress
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