The Future of Cloud Archiving Transforming Cybersecurity & Compliance

The Future of Cloud Archiving: Transforming Cybersecurity & Compliance

The majority of records were maintained in hard copy a long time ago, hidden away in filing cabinets and safes. Still, the quick transition to digital has altered the terrain dramatically.Due to the Internet and other technological advancements, digital data has proliferated and left organizations adrift in a sea of information. Although the digital age has allowed for unprecedented levels of independence, it has also created new challenges for the

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Exactly why is cybersecurity crucial for the banking industry

Exactly why is cybersecurity crucial for the banking industry?

Introduction To maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information, cybersecurity is the practice of securing networks, computers, mobile devices, and electronic data from unauthorized access or criminal usage. It is also known as electronic information security or information technology (IT) security. The sheer number of devices connected to the internet and the creativity of cyber attackers make it challenging to implement effective cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity’s importance the banking

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