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VaporVM is a global provider of IT & Telecommunication Services and System Integrator with vast experience in building and deploying terrestrial network systems worldwide.

Service overview

Radio Access Network (RAN) has been considered the most expensive part of the service provider network. Today with 5G deployments top of mind, investment in the 5G RAN are expected to sky rocket as 5G demand is much denser network than the legacy 2G-5G networks. RAN constitutes 60-70% of the network CAPEX.

By looking at the immense RAN market potential, VaporVM has geared up its RAN capabilities to provide the value-added services in the domain and to help the operators and vendors to get the world class services with the optimized costs.

VaporVM has developed it expertise in the domains of RAN Planning and RAN optimization.

RAN Planning/Engineering Services

RAN planning plays a critical role in the cellular design process:

RAN Network Dimension

RAN Solution depends upon mainly the type of deployment, users and traffic growth. The clutters may vary from urban to suburban as well the availability of fiber in the area or use of microwave be considered in the solution. We deal with the link budgeting, capacity dimensioning and configuration management. It includes the BSCs and RNCs dimensioning in the case of 2G and 3G networks as well. The assessment services deal with both the green field as well as brown field networks. We also provide deep in depth capacity planning exercise from 2G-5G networks. The inputs to planning exercise would be subscribers data, radio site utilization.

5G Interference Analysis

5G network is very much prone to interference due to high frequency bands being used. If the interference increases beyond a certain threshold, the 5G throughput is also affected. UL interference impacts the NR KPI’s as well as the user experience. Spectrum analysis along with OSS KPI’s are used to identify UL interference. We provide the spectrum scanning services to the customers so that timely inference can be identified and then possible actions would be taken to rectify the user experience.

Coverage (Macro / Small Cells) Planning

Whether it’s a green field network where it is needed to provide the entire coverage plan or it’s a brown field network where the pockets of coverage holes have to be filled, we have the expertise to provide the in depth plans as per customer needs. We use the state of the art planning tools to do our assessments and output the results accordingly. We do the macro as well as small cell planning. Small cells are typically used where we can not deploy macro sites due to site acquisition issues or due to the budget constraints or where coverage is fine but we need the capacity. Small cells are used to offload the traffic from the macro sites. An expected gain of 5-10% is achieved after deploying the rightly planned small cells.

Spectrum Planning and Refarming

Spectrum is always a precious and rare commodity for an operator. Efficient Spectrum Strategy plays a key role in achieving high ROI as well as enhanced user experience. With the increase of 4G/5G handsets, the traffic is gradually shifting from 2G/3G. A lot of operators are making the strategies how to refarm their spectrums to give more bandwidths on 4G and 5G. We have the experience professionals who have done these studies and have successfully done the refarming exercises. The key success of this whole exercise is not to let the customer experience degrade during the whole exercise as well as there should be no loss of the traffic. We use the different tools to help our customers achieve this target in a professional and effective manner.

SITE Surveys

We have expert resources which are capable of doing the radio site surveys. These include line of site surveys, RF surveys, Blockage surveys, relocation surveys and special solution surveys.

Network Deployment

VaporVM has the capability for the network deployment and integration. The process starts with devising a comprehensive roll out plan for the 5G deployment according the customer needs. The roll out plan is divided into different milestones. The first milestone is the single site integration which is followed by SFT (Single site verification report). We divide the roll out plan into different clusters and follow the cluster wise approach. Once 90% sites in a cluster are on-air, our optimization and performance teams start the initial tunning of the cluster followed by the enhanced optimization activities so that we achieve the cluster level KPI’s thresholds. The end to end implementation is followed by multiple round of optimization activities. Once the cluster level KPI’s set by the customer are achieved, we offer the cluster for acceptance, so the entire cycle which starts with the integration followed by optimization and finally acceptance is being taken care off by VVM teams.

Performance Management & Network Optimization

Radio network performance and radio network optimization plays a key role in the telecommunications industry. VaporVM has the in house abilities to perform the radio network optimization from 2G to 5G technologies with hands-on experience on the leading venders systems

O-RAN Services

VaporVM acts as the end-to-end systems integrator simplifying the engagement for operators and creating a solution where vendor lock-in with traditional, hardware-based approaches are no longer the only choice, as operators continue to seek a new economic model in a world where a traditional, hardware-based approach is no longer a viable option

SI Services:

Integration Services

Integration Services

  • Lab Setup/PoC of live Sites
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Interoperability
  • Certification & Badging
  • IOT Solutioning

  • Support Service

    Support Service

  • Network Design
  • RF Optimization
  • RAN Planning & Dimension
  • Site-Data Center Planning
  • Installation & Commissioning

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance

  • 24/365
  • Global TAC

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