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Telecom Services
VaporVM is a global provider of IT & Telecommunication Services and System Integrator with vast experience in building and deploying terrestrial network systems worldwide.
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Service overview

Radio Access Network (RAN) has been considered the most expensive part of the service provider network. Today with 5G deployments top of mind, investment in the 5G RAN are expected to sky rocket as 5G demand is much denser network than the legacy 2G-5G networks. RAN constitutes 60-70% of the network CAPEX.
By looking at the immense RAN market potential, VaporVM has geared up its RAN capabilities to provide the value-added services in the domain and to help the operators and vendors to get the world class services with the optimized costs.
VaporVM has developed it expertise in the domains of RAN Planning and RAN optimization.

Service Overview

RAN Planning/Engineering Services

Network Deployment

O-RAN Services

Coverage (Macro / Small Cells) Planning

Performance Management & Network Optimization

RAN Network Dimension

Spectrum Planning and Refarming

5G Interference Analysis

SITE Surveys

RAN Planning/Engineering Services

RAN planning plays a critical role in the cellular design process:

Coverage (Macro / Small Cells) Planning

VaporVM excels in planning comprehensive coverage for greenfield and brownfield networks using advanced tools. They specialize in strategic macro and small cell planning, optimizing capacity with gains of 5-10%.

Spectrum Planning and Refarming

Efficient spectrum strategy is crucial for maximizing ROI and improving user experience amid the shift towards 4G/5G. VaporVM’s experienced professionals execute spectrum refarming exercises seamlessly, ensuring no degradation in customer experience or traffic loss, using specialized tools for effective implementation.

Network Deployment

VaporVM excels in 5G deployment, employing a meticulous cluster-wise approach for integration and optimization, ensuring KPI thresholds are met from tuning to final acceptance, all managed internally.

Performance Management & Network Optimization

VaporVM specializes in crucial radio network performance and optimization across 2G to 5G technologies, leveraging extensive hands-on experience with leading vendor systems.

5G Interference Analysis

VaporVM tackles 5G interference challenges effectively with spectrum scanning services, employing advanced analysis and OSS KPIs for swift UL interference resolution, optimizing network performance and user experience.

O-RAN Services

VaporVM simplifies operator engagements as an end-to-end systems integrator, offering solutions that break away from traditional hardware-based vendor lock-ins. They support operators in adapting to new economic models beyond outdated hardware approaches.

RAN Network Dimension

VaporVM customizes RAN solutions tailored to deployment specifics, leveraging expertise in capacity planning across 2G to 5G networks with insights from user demographics and traffic patterns for optimized performance.

SITE Surveys

We have expert resources which are capable of doing the radio site surveys. These include line of site surveys, RF surveys, Blockage surveys, relocation surveys and special solution surveys.

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SI Services

Integration Services

Integration Services

  • Lab Setup/PoC of live Sites
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Interoperability
  • Certification & Badging
  • IOT Solutioning
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    Support Service

    Support Service

  • Network Design
  • RF Optimization
  • RAN Planning & Dimension
  • Site-Data Center Planning
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance

  • 24/365
  • Global TAC
  • How we work

    How we work

  • Forecast threats, mitigate risk
  • Evade loss of crucial data
  • Protect privacy, prioritize
  • Reduce cost
  • Access to our pool of security experts
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    Telecom Services

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