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The Benefits of Modern Application Development

Change-averse, budget-conscious, and reluctant to explore new ways to keep business running or even encourage expansion, many business leaders may be reluctant to explore new ways of utilizing technology. For non-technological businesses, this is often the case. The problem is that in today’s era of digital transformation, every organization is either a technology company or will be soon.

COVID-19 has brought new problems to a wide range of organizations and industries. To survive and thrive, many businesses were able to change their focus and provide new services and goods. Some people, on the other hand, have had less luck. The pandemic has highlighted the need for companies to be able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances. To help with this, we’ve got a cloud. As a result, the channel needs to step up and provide their customers with even more value.

In the IT industry, there is a widespread belief that the infrastructures aren’t mature enough to handle a major shift. Fewer than 6.4 percent of IT workers believe their organization is ready to adapt, and only 14 percent believe that IT can help their organization grow, according to the 2021 InfoTech Trends Report Currently, most firms use IT to maintain business as usual, yet IT may be a catalyst for change if the current approach is used. To plan for and achieve future success, companies must identify and fill the holes in their current IT infrastructures. It’s a problem that many in-house IT specialists don’t know how to address those holes. Working with clients more closely and recommending at the very least that they speak with a credible expert are just two ways that channel partners may help their clients get the most out of the cloud.

The Cloud’s Perks

Effectively enabling the following should be the goal of a modern cloud solution:

  • Automating all processes to boost throughput, quality, and predictability while simultaneously delivering high-quality code.
  • The ability to host mission-critical programs in a secure cloud environment.
  • The ability to adapt quickly to new business prospects.
  • Lowering the overall cost of doing business.

Even though many business executives believe that we’ve been in the digital age for a long time and presume that their IT infrastructures have been modernized, most of them aren’t. The fact that digital items are the future doesn’t mean that many organizations have adopted cloud-based systems. There will be a 70 percent growth in the number of cloud-native apps by 2024, according to IDC Futures cape Predictions in 2021. As of 2020, that percentage was barely 10%. Information technology (IT) has the potential to stimulate business growth in many organizations.

The point of contact they have with a firm may not be actively advocating for change, therefore channel partners should keep this in mind. Even if exchanging information and ideas with the current point of contact is a useful initial step, starting dialogues with others within the company may also make sense.

To upgrade a difficult legacy system or to build a new unique cloud-native application, seek a provider that offers the modernization strategies required – cloud architecture, cloud-native application development, and DevOps. Re-evaluate your IT strategy by establishing business cases that support modernization and business resiliency. At the very least.

What questions should be asked about the future?

A company’s ability to endure natural disasters, pandemics, and other crises can’t be guaranteed by a single checklist, but addressing these questions is a good place to begin when assessing existing IT infrastructures and examining probable shortcomings:

  • Have you taken any steps to ensure that your business is prepared for the future?
  • Do you can instantly rotate your essential systems?
  • How well-equipped are you to offer new digital services and products?

The following questions can help channel partners evaluate whether they are helping clients prepare for change:

  • Are there any lingering issues that need to be brought to your attention?
  • Please allow me to share additional information or references to back up my claim that a more contemporary strategy is necessary.
  • Do you have any further recommendations for futureproofing?
  • How well do I understand the company’s long-term business objectives in addition to its present IT requirements?

The cloud has advantages for businesses that may have to change over time. Whether or not a pandemic occurs, every business will eventually be forced to change. A modern application development approach can allow for a speedy product or service delivery in response to changing market conditions. It can also help corporations to enter new markets and see if they work immediately. Fast failure has the advantage of saving money.

Updating outdated systems or beginning from scratch may seem like a difficult task, but it is one that must be undertaken. As market conditions evolve and remain stable, firms can benefit greatly from a cloud-native architecture and a methodology that enables rapid innovation through modern application development.


Modular architectural patterns, serverless operational models, and agile development approaches are common in modern apps. Your total cost of ownership is reduced because of faster innovation and reduced risk.

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The Benefits of Modern Application Development

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