Selecting the right and appropriate IT model for your business where the cost is kept to minimum with maximum quality return is no doubt a serious matter. With the new emerging trends in the virtual world, the modern cloud computing system is widely and rapidly replacing the traditional in-house team and IT infrastructure. The cloud computing being the most reliable, scalable and highly budget friendly solution with excellent security and managerial skills has become the first preference of the organizations.  Let’s have their contrasting features and benefits in general.

Traditional ServicesCloud Services
Traditional infrastructure requires different pieces of hardware including desktop computer and other connected devices. This in premises installed server provides smart access to the employees to respective business data, applications and storage.Unlike traditional IT structure Cloud computing is the virtual solution where all the networks and servers are hosted and managed by the cloud. This off premises cloud is accessible by permitted users.
In traditional IT models, the businesses have to purchase additional hardware to keep the storage and other services to support the users. The in-house team has to maintain the hardware and software installation and for better maintenance and monitoring.In the virtual world of clouds, the computing centers host different servers at the same time thus the expenses of purchasing physical servers automatically reduce. Enjoy an extra storage space at a budget friendly price. 
Traditional IT services are not so durable thus the steady performance of servers is certain. Limited capacity leads to stoppage and badly affect the productivity.  In cloud environment, the evenly distributed data and applications across all the servers are connected to work as ones.  So no fear of downtown and server breakdown. Rather the cloud world offers you extra space and storage capacity. 
Traditional services require highly learned technical staff to monitor and maintain servers, this increases cost and consumes more time.Cloud hosting is managed by cloud service provider who is responsible to monitor the required hardware and software taking all the security checks to get the businesses run smoothly.
In case of traditional IT infrastructure, you will have to purchase the equipment and manage additional server space that pushes the business growth. Moreover your investment goes wasted as the value of such things decreases year by year. Cloud computing is meant to provide cost effective solutions to all technical issues and services. Pay as you go option increases the profit while ensuring the superb performance.
Data protection is another considerable issue in traditional IT infrastructure. To adopt the appropriate security measures you need money and time and the most suitable tactics to avoid all kinds of discrepancies.Cloud computing provides you to have access to your required information by just having a good internet connection. You need to be careful while choosing your cloud so you can have a completely transparent secured cloud environment.