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Why a Focus on End User Computing is Important Today and for the Future

Remote work was a crucial enabler of business continuity under the first shelter-in-place rules. Both workers and businesses see the potential and benefits of a remote-first culture. Consequently, our news feeds are flooded with speculation regarding the future commute patterns of workers who perform remote work during lockdowns and whether those workers will return to the cubicle or the kitchen table.

Nearly every facet of running a business has undergone a radical transformation, from the way workers get to and from the office to their interactions with one another. One thing is certain, however: the employee experience will remain central to a successful enterprise’s operations, no matter where employees find themselves working in the future. The term “employee experience” refers to the whole of a workforce’s interactions with a company. Recent research indicates that businesses with a strong emphasis on employee experience generate four times as many sales and four times as much profit as their competitors who do not. When you look at the big picture, it’s clear that an engaged workforce is good for a company’s bottom line, customer service, and ability to try new things and learn.

The idea of a positive working environment is not novel. This, however, must stay front and centre in business operations as we develop the next generation of work (or Work 2.0). Making the experience of working for the company compared to that of a consumer is the first step. Organizations, just like customers, need to receive a human-centred, individualized, and culturally driven employee experience to succeed. These factors contribute to a pleasant workplace that puts its focus where it belongs: on the people who make the business run. In the end, a company will have an advantage over its rivals that fail to look within and grasp that success starts in the home office if it promotes a work environment-whether remote or in an office building where people are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves.

Employers should equip workers with the resources they need to perform at a high level if they want to see optimal results from their efforts. Tools for the end-user computing environment include digital workspaces, VDI, and app virtualization technology, which allow workers to execute their duties efficiently from anywhere. This technology has far-reaching consequences for ensuring the smooth operation of businesses, giving workers the freedom to put in hours when and where they like.

As a crucial experience driver for their workforce, businesses should be proponents of remote work from both an IT and HR standpoint. Investing in people entails giving them the resources they need to do their jobs well. Consider virtual office spaces. VMware Workspace ONE is an example of a digital workspace that helps to give workers more agency by prioritizing them, making applications available on any device at any time, and facilitating advanced device management. Because of the increased teamwork and individual with productivity that comes from these requirements, we can say with confidence that our clients are happy.

One of the major tenets of Work 2.0 is an emphasis on the use of end-user computers to foster a satisfying work experience for employees. In the end, the term “employee experience” refers to anything that helps the company’s culture and equips the staff for success. Employers, in light of the emerging digital workforce revolution, will need to establish a foundation of technologies that enables workers to operate quickly and effectively regardless of location, thereby boosting overall workplace satisfaction. Businesses may boost productivity and, in turn, profitability by catering to the cultural, physical, and technological demands of their staff. Businesses must put the experience of their employees first if they want to keep customers happy and make more money, no matter where their teams work now or in the future.


A successful business will always prioritize its workers’ satisfaction. Under the original shelter-in-place regulations, remote labour was a critical enabler of business continuity. In the same way that companies need to focus on their customers, they also need to ensure that their employees get a personalized and culturally relevant experience. In this context, “employee experience” refers to anything that contributes to the success of the organization and its employees. Digital workspaces, VDI, and app virtualization technologies allow workers to execute their jobs efficiently from anywhere. To maintain pleased customers, businesses must prioritize employee experience.

Position: Why a Focus on End User Computing is Important Today and for the Future

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Why a Focus on End User Computing is Important Today and for the Future

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