Before drilling down into WHY, it’s important to consider WHAT

Testing for vulnerabilities in IT assets like software, networks, and hardware is part of the process of performing security audits (weaknesses).

What is Security Testing?

We use the CIA triad, which is built on three key pillars, to help us analyse the risk associated with an IT asset:

●    Confidentiality

When we talk about confidentiality, we mean restricting who has access to and can disclose information, as well as prohibiting anyone else from doing so.

●    Integrity

The term “information integrity” refers to the process of preventing unauthorized parties from making changes to data that they are not authorized to see.

●    Availability

People who are intended to have access to information must have it readily available when they need it.

Why Security Testing?

If suitable security measures and best practices are not applied, any IT asset might be compromised.

It is the primary goal of security testing to discover potential threats and assess their severity. In this way, threats can be detected quickly and without disrupting the system’s operation.

In addition, security testing guards against exploits.

What is the significance of security testing in a web application?

Everything these days is done online, from getting a driver’s license to paying your taxes. Because of this, websites are a potential target for attackers who target system vulnerabilities (weaknesses).

This raises the issue, however: Is website hacking just motivated by this?

Every day, between 30,000 and 50,000 sites are targeted by hackers. Increasingly, website security is becoming more and more critical as the numbers continue to rise daily.

As a result, there must be other factors at play, and we’ll go through three of them now.

Damage to a company’s reputation

A company’s online identity is provided by the intellectual property (IP) that it owns, namely its website. Intellectual property breaches can hurt a company’s brand, resulting in financial losses as well as user dissatisfaction and possibly fines and litigation.

Disclosure of Confidential Information

It is common practice for websites to handle sensitive data, including personal identification numbers, account passwords, and medical records, in various ways.

Due to the ease with which they may be sold and the large profits that can be made, such data and personal information are in high demand on dark markets (a website where hackers exchange sensitive information for cryptocurrencies).

To reduce the risk of a data breach, any website that gathers, stores, or transmits sensitive information should put itself through a security test.

Infecting Others with Malware

Several additional websites are used by cybercriminals to transmit malware and viruses to unsuspecting users without collecting any personal or account information.

Using the compromised website as a springboard, hackers go on the offensive against other companies and internet users alike. When hackers put mining tools on your website, they can use your website’s resources to make money. If a website has been compromised, an attacker could use it to conduct attacks on other websites.

Web application security must be implemented as a result of all of these factors.

When it comes to Web Application Security, how can VaporVM help you?

Protect your website from all cyber-attacks by using our web application security services. We’ve protected tens of billions of dollars’ worth of online transactions thus far. Automated penetration testing methods are used to detect cyber hazards. AI-based automated scanners can be used by a certified team of virtual security specialists who have extensive experience.

Keeping your private information protected is essential in today’s competitive business environment. For cutting-edge penetration testing, we’ve embraced the attitude of an ethical hacker. All of your online applications’ technical problems and vulnerabilities are analysed using SQL injection tests, web defacing, CSS Injection, and Remote Code Execution.

First and foremost, you should consider WAPT’s WAPT VaporVm as an option (Web application penetration testing). We are committed to providing you with the highest possible degree of online safety.

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